Cillian - Boon Squirt - Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Cillian - Boon Squirt - Baby Food Dispensing Spoon
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Mummy got me a great new product this month and ever since it arrived it has become my and Daddy’s very favourite product! It is called the BOON – Squirt, food dispensing system. Daddy just loves it because he can feed me just by squeezing the handle and food comes out all ready on the spoon to pop in my mouth.

Here are some more details about the BOON – Squirt

The Squirt baby food dispensing spoon allows for convenient feeding, one bite at a time. The easy-to-fill bulb holds up to 3 ounces of baby food and attaches firmly to the spoon end. Simply squeeze the bulb to dispense just the right amount of food. Squirt comes with a protective cover to seal food in and keep the spoon clean between feedings. By combining the spoon and food container into one product, Squirt makes one-handed feeding a snap.

• Dispense baby food one bite at a time
• Convenient one-handed feeding
• Large easy-to-clean bulb holds up to 3 oz. of baby food
• Protective cover keeps spoon clean between feedings
• Great for on-the-go
• Dishwasher-safe
• Dispense baby food one bite at a time
• BpA, Phthalate and PVC Free
• Available in three great colours – Orange, Blue and Pink

Recommended ages: 4+ months

I know you will love this spoon as much as I do. Mummy says not only is it great for Mummy and Daddy’s but it is great for little babies when they are first starting to learn to eat solids at around 16-18 weeks. Lots of babies just starting out can get upset when you take the spoon away from their mouth because they think you are taking the food away but with the Squirt you can hold the spoon next to their mouth while you ‘squirt’ to reload it with food. It is also useful for those babies who like to fed very fast as you can squeeze the food out more quickly than using a bowl and spoon combination. The spoon is equally as beneficial for older babies up to 10 months as often Mummy’s and Daddy’s can get distracted when feeding us (trust me, I know!) and we can get a little cross and wave our arms around or knock the bowl off the highchair but with the ‘squirt’ this can’t happen.

Mummy has also decided to sell the ‘squirt’ in ‘two packs’ at a discounted rate so when you go out and about (or just at home) you have one spoon for savoury and one spoon for sweet. You can save $5.00 when purchasing it as a two pack and if you love it as much as we do I am sure you will be back to buy even more!

Mummy says to just remind all of you and your Mummy’s and Daddy’s that the Squirt is only suitable for puree but as my Mummy recommends puree up to the age of at least 10 months you will get lots of time to use this great product!



P.S This is Nathan's favourite spoon - he won't use anything else to feed Cillian!

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