Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep ® - Feeding - Breast - Bottle - Solids - The International Baby Whisperer Book

Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep ® - Feeding - Breast - Bottle - Solids - The International Baby Whisperer Book
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Publication date 2012

A new feeding edition of the bestselling sleep series. Since 1996 Tizzie Hall’s Save Our Sleep organisation has assisted thousands of children and parents with feeding and behavioural issues from birth to toddlerhood.

From breast feeding, bottle feeding, routine feeding or demand feeding newborns through to weaning and healthy eating in toddlerhood, Save Our Sleep Food and Feeding provides a wealth of new information specific to food and feeding for long-time Tizzie fans and new readers alike. The detailed advice in this book covers feeding babies and toddlers, as well as addressing common problems such as reflux, allergies and food refusal. Save Our Sleep Feeding offers sound advice on when it’s safe to introduce different foods and features a collection of tried and tested recipes to encourage your child to be a life-long healthy eater.

SOS Approach to Feeding



           Author’s note ix

1         Getting started                                 

2         The first two weeks                    

3         Breastfeeding                    

4         Bottle-feeding                

5         First stage milk: weeks three to fifteen          

6         Multiple babies and prematurity              

7         Second stage weaning: sixteen weeks to six months               

8         Third stage: six to twelve months   

9         Fourth stage: twelve months and over         

10       Recipes and meal ideas             

           Appendix: What foods are safe at what age?              



COMPLIMENTARY with every purchase of Tizzie's feeding book you will receive a copy of the 'Save Our Sleep Safe Bedding Guide' valued at $9.00. This will be emailed to you automatically on receipt of your payment which you can then download as a PDF document.


Nichole - Canada
I used Tizzie’s sleep and feeding guides for my 3 children since 2007 and I definitely recommend them! I’m now buying them as baby shower gifts for some new parents. Thanks!
Shirley - Victoria
I absolutely love the recipes for my bub and the really work well and allow me to gain confidence in feeding and explore my own combination! I really appreciate the appendix to guide me through when to introduce what type of food at certain age, it really takes the guesswork out.
Nicole - Victoria
This book is a life saver. My baby Bible. Thank you !

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